Savoir faire is a French term denoting the ability to handle different situations in an appropriate and confident manner. In fact, savoir faire is a skill that we can all use very well on this unknown path called life. Even more so now that we find ourselves thrust into an ever changing and highly complex global landscape, where even local issues may directly or indirectly affect us all. Given the pace in which events unfold, what we know today may no longer be valid tomorrow. And the securities we have today may no longer be there tomorrow. So what know-how and mindset do we need to survive and thrive in the 21st century? Check out this section for some refreshing ideas and inspiring stories to turn uncertainty into chance and vulnerability into strength.

(Shoe shine kiosk in Seoul, Korea carrying an ad that encourages citizens to share goods and ideas to avoid over consumption and wastage. Photo: Soon-ok Heijmans)