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Being patient

Out of this world

The day I was hospitalized for acute leukemia, I burst out in laughter. Not a roaring laughter, but an out of this world kind of elation and giddiness that kept me giggling while doctors and nurses poured in to conduct all sorts of tests. Continue reading “Out of this world”

Break the impossibility habit

At times, when all odds are stacked against you, clinging on to hope may be the only thing to keep you alive. But at other times, accepting fate and letting go may unexpectedly turn out to be lifesaving. Continue reading “Break the impossibility habit”

How is your well being?

As former ‘patient without borders’ – having had a taste of being a cancer patient in both India and the Netherlands Continue reading “How is your well being?”

Pijnpunten in de zorg

In de Nederlandse Boekengids van 26 april jl. een essay van Geerdt Magiels over de toenemende druk op de gezondheidszorg en de groeiende kloof tussen wat technologisch gezien kan en wat de patient nodig heeft of wil.

(cartoon: Bas van der Schot)

Beyond the disease

I ask him when he last moved his bowels.

“Son, I’m dying. I’m alone. One day you’ll learn there’s more to a good death than how often I move my bowels.”

Dhruv Khullar, M.D.

As a side effect of advances in medical care, Continue reading “Beyond the disease”

The healing power of love

Survival rates for cancer may depend on many factors, such as age, health and the type and stage of cancer, Continue reading “The healing power of love”

The butterfly effect

Five years ago, I was hit by a tsunami. Cancerous white blood cells were flooding my body, wreaking their silent havoc. Continue reading “The butterfly effect”

Voor de liefde gekozen, een leven gekregen

Een pasgeboren baby heeft een raar roze plekje op haar ruggetje. “Trekt wel weg,” zegt de verloskundige. Continue reading “Voor de liefde gekozen, een leven gekregen”

Is your suffering dear to you

Recommended reading: Continue reading “Is your suffering dear to you”

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