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Gathering honey

Birdy in the sky

Weaving a tale

Just like the weavers of Assam use motifs in the cloths they weave to express their feelings for people they love or respect, Indian designer Kavita Brahma has recreated an Assamese folktale on a motif by weaving it into a beautiful tapestry.

(design: Kavita Brahma)

Ode to the Indian pickle

A delicious little animated ode to the humble Indian pickle – better known as achar – and the wonderful taste explosion one little piece can create.

(animation: Keerti Chowdhry)


The rollmops of love

How to deal with little sad persons? John Saddington has come up with a great recipe: you rollmops them! Continue reading “The rollmops of love”

Listening is an act of love

The ordinary that is so extraordinary

As a young boy, Dave Isay enjoyed listening to the stories of his grandparents, and one day, decided to record their stories. Continue reading “The ordinary that is so extraordinary”

Dance of the Yi People

Beautiful sounds from China. Performance of Yízú Wǔqǔ (Dance of the Yi People) on the pipa. I could not figure out the name of the artist.

In the eye of the beholder


Ik zoek een woord
een heel nieuw woord
een woord dat niemand kent
Ik zoek een woord
dat zeggen wil
dat jij de liefste bent

Hans en Monique Hagen (uit: Jij bent de liefste)

(illustratie ‘Sea of Words’: Julie Paschkis)

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