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The genesis of us: a genome unraveled

Science writer Carl Zimmer had his entire genome sequenced and analyzed. In a special feature series in Stat News, he reports on his intriguing dive into the genes that make up the person he is.

(animation: Dom Smith)

Picture this: what the blind mind sees

Aphantasia is as mystifying as its name itself. People with this condition are unable to visualize things, let alone the people they love. Continue reading “Picture this: what the blind mind sees”

Believing is seeing

It started with an article in which a neuroscientist mentioned that changing the way lonely people think about other people helps best in curing their loneliness. Continue reading “Believing is seeing”

Break the impossibility habit

At times, when all odds are stacked against you, clinging on to hope may be the only thing to keep you alive. But at other times, accepting fate and letting go may unexpectedly turn out to be lifesaving. Continue reading “Break the impossibility habit”

How is your well being?

As former ‘patient without borders’ – having had a taste of being a cancer patient in both India and the Netherlands Continue reading “How is your well being?”

Pijnpunten in de zorg

In de Nederlandse Boekengids van 26 april jl. een essay van Geerdt Magiels over de toenemende druk op de gezondheidszorg en de groeiende kloof tussen wat technologisch gezien kan en wat de patient nodig heeft of wil.

(cartoon: Bas van der Schot)

Trailblazers and lifesavers

A very nice and concise history of stem cell transplants by the Anthony Nolan bone marrow donor register.

Present tenseless

Wired just published an incredibly intriguing long read on Susie McKinnon, a woman who literally lives in the present. Continue reading “Present tenseless”

The doorway effect

In a very interesting article on BBC, psychologist Tom Stafford talks about something that happens to me all the time: Continue reading “The doorway effect”

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