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Living in liminal spaces

Parallel worlds

Present tenseless

Wired just published an incredibly intriguing long read on Susie McKinnon, a woman who literally lives in the present. Continue reading “Present tenseless”

Where are you local?

It’s a question that may seem so innocent and mundane: where are you from? Continue reading “Where are you local?”

Verlost van vastigheid

Wijze lessen van een man die – letterlijk en figuurlijk – zijn vrijheid heeft gewonnen door los te laten. Interview met orthopedisch chirurg en hoogleraar Cumhur ├ľner in NRC.

(cartoon: Michael Leunig)

Uncovering and discovering

Law Professor Kenji Yoshino – who studies why we “cover” certain aspects of our identity when interacting with others – Continue reading “Uncovering and discovering”

Drawing hope

Syrian artist Diala Brisly escaped the horrors of life in a war-torn country, Continue reading “Drawing hope”

Aliens are from earth

Home is where the heart is, but what if the heart belongs to different places? Continue reading “Aliens are from earth”

Recovering: a father lost, found living on the street by his daughter

After a difficult childhood and the divorce of her parents, a daughter loses sight of her father. Continue reading “Recovering: a father lost, found living on the street by his daughter”

Uplifted by the spirit of the wind

This morning the whispers of a soul stirring song gently entered our home. Continue reading “Uplifted by the spirit of the wind”

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