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Savoir faire

The monotony of the ‘monopath’

Anyone who’s familiar with life in India, where even the most mundane of tasks can turn into an exhausting and mind-boggling experience, Continue reading “The monotony of the ‘monopath’”

Believing is seeing

It started with an article in which a neuroscientist mentioned that changing the way lonely people think about other people helps best in curing their loneliness. Continue reading “Believing is seeing”

(original image: Jim Borgman)

I think therefore I undermine myself

How not to talk as a woman – two interesting takes on the power of language by Alexandra Petri and .

Freedom of abuse

Why do articles posted online attract so many comments that are – put elegantly – “below the line”? And which writers can expect to get most of the punches? Continue reading “Freedom of abuse”

The rollmops of love

How to deal with little sad persons? John Saddington has come up with a great recipe: you rollmops them! Continue reading “The rollmops of love”

Verlost van vastigheid

Wijze lessen van een man die – letterlijk en figuurlijk – zijn vrijheid heeft gewonnen door los te laten. Interview met orthopedisch chirurg en hoogleraar Cumhur Öner in NRC.

(cartoon: Michael Leunig)

Love’s shopping list

Some things you wish you had known earlier. Alain de Botton on why we fall in love with people who feel familiar – whether positive or negative. Something to keep in mind the next time you’re going on a date.

It is always now

A very powerful reminder of what really matters in life.

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