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The love of Life and Death

Dutch artist Marsha Onderstijn has succeeded in taking an off-limit coffee talk topic (death) and turning it into a beautiful and soul stirring animation that “humanizes” death as a sad and lonely soul that we can all accept and love.

Weaving a tale

Just like the weavers of Assam use motifs in the cloths they weave to express their feelings for people they love or respect, Indian designer Kavita Brahma has recreated an Assamese folktale on a motif by weaving it into a beautiful tapestry.

(design: Kavita Brahma)

From Ethiopia with love

A lesser known fact in South Korea’s history Continue reading “From Ethiopia with love”

What’s in a name

Simone Lia is a Maltese born British cartoonist who draws a delightful weekly cartoon for the Guardian on her observations from daily life. Continue reading “What’s in a name”

Writing our lives

Listening is an act of love

The ordinary that is so extraordinary

As a young boy, Dave Isay enjoyed listening to the stories of his grandparents, and one day, decided to record their stories. Continue reading “The ordinary that is so extraordinary”


The power of a good story is such that it enables us to forget ourselves and – for however short it may be – step out of our own lives. Continue reading “Storyboard”

Is your suffering dear to you

Recommended reading: Continue reading “Is your suffering dear to you”

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