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To go and let go

The celebration of mourning

Celebrating may not be the first thing that comes to mind when mourning a near and dear one, but it’s exactly what people all over Mexico do every 1st and 2nd of November – Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead). Continue reading “The celebration of mourning”

Break the impossibility habit

At times, when all odds are stacked against you, clinging on to hope may be the only thing to keep you alive. But at other times, accepting fate and letting go may unexpectedly turn out to be lifesaving. Continue reading “Break the impossibility habit”

The love of Life and Death

Dutch artist Marsha Onderstijn has succeeded in taking an off-limit coffee talk topic (death) and turning it into a beautiful and soul stirring animation that “humanizes” death as a sad and lonely soul that we can all accept and love.

Voor de liefde gekozen, een leven gekregen

Een pasgeboren baby heeft een raar roze plekje op haar ruggetje. “Trekt wel weg,” zegt de verloskundige. Continue reading “Voor de liefde gekozen, een leven gekregen”

When love hurts, a letter helps

Having seen many cases where loving and well intending family members pursue treatments that are ineffective or actually add to patients’ misery, Continue reading “When love hurts, a letter helps”

Cultural differences in how people think about and experience end-of-life care

The silver tsunami is actually silver-brown

Families happier with less aggressive end-of-life cancer care

Just like where we were born has a big impact on the quality of the lives we live, where we die has a big impact on the quality of the last moments we spend on earth.

Unequal lives, unequal deaths

Een belangrijke en hoog nodige bijdrage aan de discussie over euthanasie en de zorg in de laatste levensfase.

Een zelfgekozen dood is vaak een worsteling en geen rationele beslissing

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