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The heart way

Chinki keeps following her heart Continue reading “The heart way”


For all huggable hugbands (and such likes) Continue reading “Hugband”


voor Ingrid: Chinki lijdt aan pelignostalgie Continue reading “Pelignostalgie”


For the age defying Kyung and Sunmi: Chinki reminisces on old friendships Continue reading “Ageless”

How to deflate a grump

Chinki teaches a skill that is very essential in times like these Continue reading “How to deflate a grump”

A window to the world

For my dear S. – in commemoration of World Cancer Day Continue reading “A window to the world”

Why it’s called duck down

Chinki explains why duvets are also called duck down. Continue reading “Why it’s called duck down”

The middle of the road

Chinki the Pinki explains why Indians always drive on the middle of the road. Continue reading “The middle of the road”

Fog chal raha hai (it’s foggy)

Fog is a big problem in northern India during winter Continue reading “Fog chal raha hai (it’s foggy)”

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