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Present tenseless

Wired just published an incredibly intriguing long read on Susie McKinnon, a woman who literally lives in the present. Continue reading “Present tenseless”

Where are you local?

It’s a question that may seem so innocent and mundane: where are you from? Continue reading “Where are you local?”

Uncovering and discovering

Law Professor Kenji Yoshino – who studies why we “cover” certain aspects of our identity when interacting with others – Continue reading “Uncovering and discovering”

Project Identity

This year, the BBC has launched a very interesting project, exploring the question of what we identify with and how we see ourselves. Continue reading “Project Identity”

The real you?

Is there something unique that defines who we are, that sets us apart from other people? Continue reading “The real you?”

Same same but different


How can we be so different from who we were as a child, and yet still be the same person? Continue reading “Same same but different”


It is as simple as confounding a question that has intrigued people from antiquity to the present: who am I? Continue reading “Been/becoming/being/be”

You never walk alone

It is said that we are born alone, live alone and die alone. But it turns out that this is not really so. Continue reading “You never walk alone”

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